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Tsourlakis Handmade Tiles – Image Credits: © Tsourlakis

Unique Handmade Tiles by Tsourlakis


A space is only as good as the materials it’s made of. Handmade tiles make all the difference, with subtle variations and textures that a machine could never pull off. Whether it’s flooring, walls, a kitchen backsplash, a fireplace, or a space where you simply want to make a statement, these truly magnificent handmade tiles from Tsoulrakis are a perfect choice.

Tile trends of 2023 have included many collections of handmade tiles, throwing these exciting ranges into the spotlight once again. The beauty of handmade tiles is that they actually never do go out of style; their elegance, quality, shapes and charming characteristics create a certain warmth and atmosphere that can only be achieved with the use of a handcrafted product.

Tsourlakis’ handmade tiles feature striking variations of colour, shape and texture which create an organic beauty in any interior design project, from the bathroom to the kitchen and even as a feature element in other spaces of any residential or commercial property. 

However, there are several different factors that should be considered when it comes to selecting your new handmade tiles, from the different types available to their recommended care as well as price points.

How are Handmade Tiles Made?

Handmade tiles are available in an assortment of different materials, with the most popular choices being ceramic tiles and concrete or cement tiles. Each of these materials is made using different techniques, with highly skilled Artisans passing down these practices from one generation to the next. 

Concrete Handmade Tiles

Handmade concrete tiles, on the other hand, are made by pouring cement into a mould that is then hydraulically pressed and then left to cure in a water bath. Colours and any other required additives are included in the cement mixture, resulting in a tile that shows its surface colour running throughout the entire body of the tile.

These tiles have the unique ability to allow their use as both a floor and wall tile and will often feature a smooth, matte surface that is perfectly suited to any style of home, from traditional period-styled interiors to more modern or contemporary spaces. 

About Tsourlakis Tiles

The Greek company Tsourlakis Tiles manufactures high-aesthetic and designed concrete tiles and markets them all over the world. The tiles are handmade, manufactured one by one individually, and the customer has the freedom to intervene in the colours or even request custom designs to get exactly what they are looking for.

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