Second phase of the Exoikonomo funding begins
Second phase of the Exoikonomo funding begins. Image Source: @Unsplash

Second Phase of the Exoikonomo Funding Program Begins.


The decision to issue the notice for the second cycle of “ExoEconomy 2023” was signed by the Minister of Environment and Energy, Theo Skylakakis and the Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance, Nikos Papathanasis. The programme opens for applications from 7.2.2024 to 29.3.2024, with a budget of €110 million, directed exclusively to energy-vulnerable households.

More specifically, as regards the terms and conditions for participation in the second cycle, potential beneficiaries are natural persons who have a right in rem (full ownership, usufruct, small ownership) to an eligible dwelling, i.e. a detached house or apartment that legally exists, is used as a main residence, which has not been deemed to be demolished and has been classified on the basis of the First Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in a category lower than or equal to C.

For each potential beneficiary, the individual income must not exceed EUR 5 000 and the family income must not exceed EUR 10 000. The maximum grant rate is 75 % in the case of owner-occupation by the applicant and 65 % in the case of free concession to another person or rental, respectively.

Eligible Expenditures and Financial Options

The following five main categories of expenditure are eligible under the programme:

  1. Replacement of windows and doors
  2. 2. Installation/upgrading of thermal insulation
  3. Heating/cooling system upgrade
  4. Hot water system using Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
  5. Installation of a smart home management system

VAT is an eligible cost for the programme and is declared separately on the documents. If suppliers are subject to a reduced VAT scheme or exempt from the obligation to declare and pay tax, the applicable VAT rate must be declared.

The private contribution for the implementation of the interventions can be covered by the beneficiaries of the programme either by own funds or by a loan agreement (for the amount they choose or that approved by the financial institution) or a combination of both.

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