Kedrodasos – The Beach for Nature Lovers - Why Chania
Kedrodasos – Image Credits: Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

Kedrodasos Beach: Peace, Beauty and Serenity


You may wonder, why Kedrodasos beach? Well, for many – thinking of beaches in Crete conjures up images of expansive strips of yellow sand, jam-packed with sun-seeking tourists. However, many of us sometimes just need an escape.  We know that even during the middle of the summer there are beaches in Crete, enjoyable as the rest of the busy spots of the North coast might be. Beaches with emerald-coloured waters and the promise of privacy reward those who make the effort to visit. These beaches are pragmatic examples of serenity, offering another world of relaxation – but some are better than others.

Kerodasos: A Fragile Paradise in Crete

If you’d like to get even more off the beaten track than magnificent Elafonisi, head 1.00km east to similarly gorgeous Kedrodasos, a soft arc of sand favored by nudists and backed by junipers. You can reach it via 2.5km of dirt lanes through the greenhouses behind the beaches and then a 10-minute walk down a rocky path, or by the E4 coastal trail. It is this lack of easy access that has preserved the beach and protected it against the throngs of tourists that would otherwise descend upon it.

Kedrodasos covers a large area of about 110 acres and is one of the most beautiful places in Crete. The beach has white sand and some smooth rocks. Fortunately, there is no infrastructure in the area, making this secluded sheltered beach one of the last untouched paradises in Greece.

The area belongs to the NATURA 2000 network. According to Community and national legislation, the “cedar forest” is a priority habitat and belongs to the “coastal cedar sand dunes” with two species of these trees, Juniperus macrocarpa, and Juniperus phoenicea.

These trees are very vulnerable to human intervention and the visitor is advised not to approach them. Note that cedars have extremely slow growth and every small piece of wood that is removed will take many decades to grow back.

Kedrodasos Beach - Why Chania
Kedrodasos Beach – Why Chania – Image Credits: Vick Mellon on Unsplash

Another one of Chania’s most beautifully secluded beaches can be accessed by traveling to the south of the island. Here you will find Kedrodasos beach, where the only visitors are the savviest of tourists, who come to enjoy a quieter corner and one of the most beauctiful beaches in the entire island.

While picture-perfect Kedrodasos Beach has seemingly slipped under the radar for most of Chania’s visitors, bear in mind that the beach is tiny, so be sure to get there early for added privacy and seclusion. In terms of amenities, Kedrodasos Beach is a world away from the overdeveloped beach fronts found in other parts of the island, but at a distance of 600 meters, you will find a small kiosk selling snacks and refreshments.

Although Kedrodasos is a great spot to relax during the day, it is in the evening when the sun disappears below the horizon that the beach is at its most magical.


Before your visit see the following information:

Essential Beach Info:

Access: Paved road all the way to the parking area, then a 15 mins walk down to the beach

Parking: Free, dirt parking lot

Beach type: Sandy (with some rocks)

Natural Shade: Limited (and not close to the water, under the juniper trees)

Services: None

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