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Why we need Galleries now more than ever – Why Chania Stories – Image Credits: Jean Carlo Emer on Unsplash

Why We Need Galleries Now More Than Ever


Local culture is a fundamental and integrated component of community life that shapes the exclusive character, goals, well-being, and prospects of the society itself. Moreover, it is critically important to establish and promote traditional cultural assets and the local cultural heritage, stimulate the development of creative events, as well as bring knowledge sharing, value creation, and creativity into the wider local economy. 

Why Art Galleries Are So Important

But, why is art so important for our society and wellbeing? From a very early age, you have enjoyed art without really knowing it.  From the drawing on a blank piece of paper during your childhood to the sand castles you created with your friends or family on the beach, art has been a part of your life and will be a great gift to you and your family throughout your entire lifetime.

The fact is art & culture influence much of what we do every day from getting dressed in the morning to designing our houses and selecting our cars or furniture. The power of art to inspire and transform our perspective is powerful and dynamic but many times difficult to identify or put into words. 

It is true, that culture is a fundamental factor for our cities to make them more attractive, artistic, innovative, and truly sustainable. A city without culture is a city without a future. Without culture the most vibrant life-spaces of our cities do not exist; they are merely concrete and steel constructions. It is culture that makes the transformation. It is culture that connects and inspires.

In today’s uncertain times, museums, galleries and cultural heritage buildings can act as an anchor in the storm. To those who aren’t as passionate about the power and values of culture as readers of this blog, it can often seem that such spaces are merely exhibition space for the display and sale of artworks.

But despite this, there’s a strong case to be made that these cultural spaces are more relevant today than they have ever been. From illustrating key social challenges to transforming how we see the present and future; a gallery has the power to reflect and shape our culture. Here are six reasons why we need galleries now more than ever.

My actions may indicate one reason galleries exist: that they are places to discover art. They are places where aesthetic enjoyment, education, and historic preservation are connected.

C. James Fagan – Contemporary Visual Arts Network

One reason why fine art is important is that it is educational. People of all ages and capabilities can benefit from meeting with art because it reveals a wide range of visual, political, social, historical, spiritual, and emotional concepts.

It is particularly beneficial to learn about art from childhood as it provides tools to communicate our skills with the exterior environment like color, line, shape, and space.

Art is Inspirational

Art has the power to inspire and transform. When you look at art to infer the artist’s feelings and meanings you implement your imagination to envision the reason or the purpose behind a certain shape, image and color.

Emotionally, because art can spur your imagination and creative thinking, can force you to transform your mindset and think with a completely different perspective. If you’re an artist yourself, the art of others can provide you with motivation and inspiration for your work. If you are an employee, the art of others can change your views and priorities to achieve your goals in a different, yet effective way.

Produces Memories

Art is important because it can be linked with memories. You likely remember when you kissed your first love or when you bought your first car. The same can be said for looking a piece of art. Every time you observe an artwork, you are generating memories.

Preserves Historical Value

Art is important to our cultural heritage preservation, it protects local and national identity and pride, and reminds people of their common history. Fine art can give you a glimpse into history. Many of the most famous pieces of art tell a story of events of that time while creating visual memories for the future.

Art has been created for thousands of years and has been discovered by future generations. Without this ancient art, we wouldn’t have the knowledge of the past that we do today. Art leaves invaluable clues for the future.

The Municipality of Chania is always active in the field of Culture, especially in Fine Arts. Whatever was for decades only a vision for the people of Chania, is now alive thanks to the existence of the Municipal Art Gallery.

Municipal Art Gallery of Chania
Municipal Art Gallery of Chania – Image Credits: Giannis Kritikos

The Municipal Art Gallery is not just a museum but a place of protection and preservation of the Civilization in an extensive possible sense. A contemporary room, where the various fields of Art, Science and Speech could be together, each one synergistically contributing equally, so that the materialization of the objectives and visualizations can become reality.

In a modern sense, adjusted to our times, it is much more appropriate that the Municipal Art Gallery would be a centre of Cultural education, having Fine Arts as its foundation, as well as a much wider frame of events, happenings and activities. Let’s not forget that there are no boundaries where creativity ends and imagination begins.


Address: 98-102, Chalidon Street, 73 131 Chania, Crete, Greece

Tel: +30 28210 92294 & +30 28210 92419

Manager: Athina Giannoulaki


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