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Minimalist Window – Sliding – Image Credits: © Vitrocsa

Minimalist Window – Sliding by Vitrocsa


The sliding window is a unique horizontal opening solution. The structure is anodised 25 micron aluminium alloy, in a natural colour finish. As an option, the thermolacquered or anodised versions are available in an infinite choice of colours.

The roller bearing system is made from stainless steel specially adapted for projects near the sea. Fixed or sliding, the width of the vertical profile is 22 mm and is only limited by the maximum surface area of the glass. Button-locking is available with two-point locking and cylinder locking with a key.

Vitrocsa, who created the minimalist window, has developed innovative expertise in this domain. The many systems and solutions developed in-house guarantee original products, all manufactured to Swiss Made quality standards.

The structure is an anodized 25-micron aluminium alloy, in a natural color finish. As an option, the lacquered or anodized versions are available in an infinite choice of colors. The roller bearing system for these architectural windows is made from stainless steel specially adapted for projects near the sea.

Fixed or sliding, this minimalist window design feature a vertical form of 22 mm and is only limited by the maximum surface area of the glass. Button-locking is available with two-point locking and cylinder locking with a key. Motorization is possible.

The Vitrocsa sliding aluminium windows are available in versions suited to a range of applications: curved, invisible frame, pocket and open-angle.



The curved application supports a radius of 3 meters for mobile elements and 1.5 meters for fixed. This application is only available with anodized treatment to guarantee the precision of the curve.

Invisible Frame

This application removes the need for an internal or external architectural enclosure. It features 32 or 44-mm double or triple glazing, and sliding window surfaces of up to 18 m².


It is possible to conceal one or more sliding panels in a closed and isolated space.

Open Angle

This solution frees the angle from any jambs. All combinations of rails are possible, for example a combination of two and three rails.


The Vitrocsa sliding aluminum window systems are available in several ranges, adapted to the installation conditions of your projects.

TH+ / Thermal insulation and large surface areas
Using 32 or 44 mm double or triple glazing, the TH+ range allows for sliding window surfaces of up to 18 m². The excellent insulating properties of the profiles, in combination with the glass, enable current low energy consumption standards to be met.

3001 / Flagship range
The 3001 range allows for sliding window surfaces of up to 6 m² with 26 mm double glazing. The range, invented in 1996, is considered the brand’s flagship product, which launched the Vitrocsa name.

SWIMMS / Hot countries and internal partitions
The profile assembly system accepts a range of glazing thicknesses: 10 to 12 mm or 16 to 20 mm. This range is ideal for hot countries or internal partitions.

V32 / Slim profile and thermal reinforcement
The V32 range has thermal reinforcement and a glass fibre profile. This range is designed for standard fixed or sliding openings and the slim profile helps fill the room with light.

V56 / Infinite surface
The V56 range allows infinite glazing surfaces using 56 mm thick double or triple glazing. This new range represents an evolution of Vitrocsa’s current sliding windows. The V56 range has the same mechanical characteristics of the Vitrocsa systems which have proven their worth for 25 years.

Finishes, Drainage Chamber and Test

With an anodized 25-micron natural or colored aluminum alloy structure, the thermolacquered version is available in an infinite choice of colors, also, all our products include drainage chamber and test.




Vitrocsa meets the requirements and expectations of its clients while offering them the highest level of safety and security. Vitrocsa’s products meet the highest standards such as RC2. Various additional components are available to meet other safety and security requirements, such as:

– Alarm directly integrated into our system
– Closed leaf position monitoring
– Glass breakage detector
– Special burglary-resistant glass


Vitrocsa offers several solutions for insect-related problems. It is possible to add a rail allowing a mosquito net to be inserted, or a folding canvas to be concealed, offering coverage of 80 cm in the vertical jamb.


The motorization for these automatic sliding door systems is built into the architectural design, allowing for minimal interference, and simple, quiet opening.

The motorization system is fully hidden in the top part of the Vitrocsa frame and only requires a height of 12 cm. The maximum driving force is 180 N for a maximum weight of 1200 kg per motor. The maximum motion speed is 167 mm/s-1 and slows when a second leaf is driven.
The system has an automatic electrical closure which is compatible with all home automation opening systems: digicode, push-button, badge reader, etc. To ensure complete safety, the system stops when it meets an obstacle.


Vitrocsa designed the original minimalist window systems, a unique range of solutions dedicated to the frameless window, boasting the narrowest sightline barriers in the world.

Manufactured in line with the renowned Swiss Made tradition for more than 25 years, our systems are the product of unrivalled expertise and a constant quest for innovation, enabling us to meet the most ambitious architectural visions.

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