Seitan Limania Beach - Why Chania
Seitan Limania Beach – Image Credits: Jānis Beitiņš on Unsplash

Seitan Limania Beach: Wild & Wonderful


While you are visiting Chania, there is no need to drive several kilometres to sink your toes into pearlescent white sand or splash around in a silky turquoise lagoon. Crete’s thousands of kilometres of coastline are a feast of postcard-perfect beaches, off-radar havens and wild sweeps of soul-stirring scenery – and they’re all just a few hours from the city centre of Chania. One of these spectacular beaches is the Seitan Limania beach.

The History of Seitan Limania Beach

Words cannot describe the beauty and photos can’t capture the dramatic scenery. From the time you arrive at the parking area to the time you approach the beach, the only thing possible to do is stare at the scenery. Words simply cannot describe the beauty of the water, dramatic cliffs, sand and sky. It is truly an almost untouched paradise.

Seitan Limania is located on the northeastern side of the Akrotiri peninsula in western Crete, 20 kilometres from the city of Chania. The location is known by the name Seitan Harbors or Stephan Seitan Beach. The word Seitan is Turkish, apparently left over from the Turkish occupation of Crete, and translates as devilish. Therefore, Seitan Limania translates as Devil’s Ports. The location is also referred to as Agios Rafael, from the small church located at the point where the gorge begins, and as Agios Spyridonas from the old chapel built in the area.

This destination was not very popular among tourists until recently. Only a few fishermen and some locals knew about this beach, but generally, it was a place not worth visiting. When people discovered the beauty of wild nature and the incredible crystal blue water with spectacular rock formations, the popularity of this beach spread extremely fast.

Watch the impressive drone flight in Seital Limania by Nikos Sarandos.

How To Get to Seitan Limania from Chania

The best way to get to Seitan Limania beach is by car, taxi or by motorbike. The road is windy and extremely narrow, with no sidewalks and with no shadow. Apparently, there’s a bus going from Chania Town to Seitan Limania, but it operates only during summer.

If you drive to Stefanou Beach from Chania Town, you’ll have to take the road to the International Airport of Chania Airport. Before reaching the airport, take the road to Chordaki village and Akropoli. After you pass the Church of Agios Spiridon (on your left side), the road will become abruptly descending and windy. It will unexpectedly end in a wide parking lot. That’s where the walking to the Seotan Limania beach begins.


Before your visit see the following information:

There are a couple of tips that you should remember in order to make your trip to this beautiful beach destination as pleasant and comfortable as possible for you.

Beware, the trail toward the beach is very narrow and there are some parts where you have to push your body against the cliff and put one foot in front of the other with the greatest care possible. Getting to this beach in flip-flops is one of the worst ideas ever.

This secluded beach is completely wild. There are no sunbeds, no umbrellas, no fresh water sources, no showers, no toilets, and no shops.

Wear sunscreen and a hat. The tall cliffs cast their shadow on the beach only during morning and evening. For the most part of the day, you’ll be in full sunlight.

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